List of Indian cities on rivers bank

In this article, I provide a list of Indian cities on rivers bank. It is a part of static GK for all competitive examinations like UPSC, SSC, Railway, etc. Important topics are   List of Major Tribes in India, List of Major Straits of World PDF (Passes /Channel),  Changed Name list of different places,  Fair and Festival In India.

Other important General Knowledge for all competitive examinations are:-

Indian cities located on river banks-Most of the cities in India located on the bank of the river because of various advantages. Cities near water are for good Agriculture, good transportation, good for animal farming.

Cities with access to water trading routes could deliver great amounts of goods for trade with other coastal cities, which means more money and trade goods for both settlements, and allowed for cultural mixing.
Access to water is a huge thing, it is needed for drinking, transport, irrigation, and as technology developed, many industrial processes also needed water.
It helps the population of coastal cities to grow and expand faster settlements. While inland cities could only rely on agriculture, foraging, and hunting, coastal cities also had access to the flora and fauna that lived on the water bodies next to them.

Most of the oldest cities in the world developed around rivers because they played a major role in sustaining the city itself. Rivers provide water, support natural processes – like flood prevention – and provide habitats for plants and animals.

These are important to the city, plants, for example, have a cooling effect, helping to lower surface and air temperatures by providing shade and releasing moisture into the air.

Riverbanks and flood plains have also become ideal locations for settlements and urban agriculture.

List of Indian cities on rivers bank are:-

City  River
Prayagraj Ganga & Yamuna
Patna Ganga
Varanasi Ganga
Haridwar Ganga
Hajipur Ganga
Kanpur Ganga
Bhagalpur Ganga
Shuklaganj Ganga
Kannauj Ganga
Farrukhaband Ganga
Fatehgarh Ganga
Chakeri Ganga
Allahabad Ganga,Yamuna and Saraswati
New Delhi Yamuna
Agra Yamuna
Mathura Yamuna
Auraiya Yamuna
Etawah Yamuna
Dibrugarh Brahmaputra
Guwahati Brahmaputra
Jabalpur Narmada
Bhagalpur Narmada
Bharuch Narmada
Lucknow Gomati
Jaunpur Gomati
Nellore Pennar
Nanded Godavari
Nizamabad Godavari
Nashik Godavari
Rajahmundry Godavari
Vijayawada Krishna
Sangli Krishna
Karad Krishna, Koyna
Ferozpur Sutlej
Ludhiana Sutlej
Daman DamanGangaRiver
Ahmedabad Sabarmati
Surat Tapti
Vadodara Vishwamitri
Srinagar Jhelum
Bareilly RamGanga
Bagalkot Ghataprabha
Bangalore Vrishabhavathi
Bhadravathi Bhadra
Honnavar Sharavathi
Curnool Tungabhadra
Hospet Tungabhadra
Karwar Kali
Mangalore Netravati, Gurupura
Shimoga Tunga River
Kota Chambal
Gwalior Chambal
Karjat Ulhas
Mahad Savitri
Malegaon Girna River
Pune Mula, Mutha
Cuttack Mahanadi
Sambalpur Mahanadi
Banki Mahanadi
Rourkela Brahmani
Brahmapur Rushikulya
Chhatrapur Rushikulya
Chennai Cooum, Adyar
Coimbatore Noyyal
Serirangapatnam Cauveri
Thiruchirapalli Cauveri
Erode Cauveri
Madurai Vaigai
Tirunelveli Thamirabarani
Ayodhya Saryu
Gorakhpur Rapti
Hyderabad Musi
Kanpur Cantonment Ganges
Badrinath Alaknanda
Kolkata Hooghly
Ujjain Shipra


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Q.Delhi is situated on which river bank?

Ans -Delhi is situated on the Yamuna river bank.

Q.Allahabad is situated on which river bank?

Ans- Allahabad city is situated on the riverbank of Ganga and Yamuna

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