Complete List of Major Tribes in India

Major Tribes in India are the static part of GK for all competitive examinations like SSC, LIC, Railway NTPC, Group D, FCI, etc. This article is about the major tribes in India which are an important part of questions in General Knowledge for all competitive examinations like Banking, RRB NTPC, JE, Group D, SSC CGL, State PSU which are helpful to Aspirants.

What is Tribe?

The tribe is a group of people that all have common ancestry, or a common ancestor, a common culture, and live in their own enclosed society.
In India a large number of indigenous people, who are still untouched by the lifestyle of the modern world called Scheduled Tribes. All over the world, India has the largest population of tribal people.

In India, Madhya Pradesh has the largest number of Scheduled Tribes. Bastar district of Madhya Pradesh consists of the largest number of Scheduled Tribes.

There are no Scheduled Tribes in Haryana, Punjab, Pondicherry, Delhi, Chandigarh.

List of Major Tribes in India:

AbhorNorth East
AdivasiChhattisgarh (Baster district)
ApatamisArunachal Pradesh
AdiyanKarnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu
AgariaMP, Maharastra
AndhArunachal Pradesh, MP, Maharastra
ArakhMP, Maharastra
Asur(Gond)Bihar, WB, MP, Maharastra
BadagasTamil Nadu
BaigasMadhya Pradesh
BaigaMP, WB, Bihar, Maharastra
BakkarwalsJammu & Kashmir
BhilsMP & Rajasthan
BirhorsMP& Bihar
BardaGujurat, Karnataka, Maharastra
BhagaliaGujarat, Karnataka, Maharastra, Rajasthan
BhuiaMadhya Pradesh
ChangNorth East
ChenchusAndhra Pradesh, Odisha, Karnataka
ChakmaNorth East, West Bengal
GaddisHimachal Pradesh, J&K
GallongArunachal Pradesh
GarosAssam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, WB
GondsAndra Pradesh, MP, Bihar, WB, Gujrat, Karnataka, Maharastra
GujjarsHimachal Pradesh, J&K
HoOdisha, Bihar, WB
IrulaTamil Nadu
JantiaAssam, Meghalaya, Mizoram
KanikarTamil Nadu, Kerala
KatkariMadhya Pradesh
KhariaMadhya Pradesh
KhondOdisha, MP, WB, Bihar, Maharastra
KhasUttar Pradesh
KhasisAssam, Meghalaya, Mizoram
KolMP, Maharastra, Chhatisgarh
KalamAndhra Pradesh
KotasTN, Karnataka, Kerala
KoyaAP, MP, Odisha, Maharastra, Karnataka
LahaulasHimachal Pradesh
LepchasSikkim, Tripura, WB
MuriasMadhya Pradesh
MundasOdisha, Jharkhand, WB, Bihar, MP, Tripura
NishiNorth East
OranOdisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, WB, MP, Maharastra
OngesAndaman & Nicobar
PhoNorth East
SantalOdisha, Bihar, WB, Tripura
SangtamNorth East
SentineleseAndaman & Nicobar
ShompensAndaman & Nicobar
SonrMadhya Pradesh
TadviGujrat, Maharastra, Rajasthan, Odisha
ThotiAndra Pradesh, Maharastra
UraliKerala, Tamil Nadu
UibuhAssam, Meghalaya, Mizoram
VarliGoa, Daman diu, Dadra Nagar, Gujurat, Maharastra, Karnataka
Wade MariaMadhya Pradesh, Maharastra
WanchoNorth East

There are many communities recognized by the government as Scheduled Tribes and eligible to receive special benefits for their Development. But here we cover the most important Major Tribes in India Area-wise for a competitive examination to helps aspirants.

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