Agricultural Revolutions in India

Agricultural Revolutions in India:-In ancient age Neolithic people were known about Agriculture which took place around 10,000 B.C. Agricultural Revolutions means increased agricultural production by new methods of cultivation, use machinery, scientific methods of breeding, increased availability of farmland, A favorable climate, better drainage, More livestock, Improved crop yield, and crop rotation, etc.
These changes impacted society as the population became better nourished and healthier. Several innovators created tools that greatly influenced the new agriculture.

List of Agricultural Revolutions in India are:-

Agricultural Revolutions in India

RevolutionName of products
Black RevolutionPetroleum products.
Blue Revolution               Fish and Aqua Production
Brown RevolutionLeather, Cocoa, Non-Conventional Products.
Evergreen RevolutionOverall Production of Agriculture.
Golden RevolutionFruits, Honey Horticulture
Golden Fiber RevolutionJute Production.
Green RevolutionFood Grains.
Grey RevolutionFertilizers.

Pink Revolution              

Onion, Prawn, Pharmaceuticals
Protein RevolutionTechnology Production
Red Revolution                Meat, Tomato.
Rainbow Revolution  The amalgamation of all revolution
Round RevolutionPotato.
Silver Fiber RevolutionCotton.
Silver RevolutionEgg, Poultry Production
White Revolution Milk Production.
Yellow RevolutionOilseed (Mustard and Sunflower).

Father of the Agricultural Revolutions in India

Father of the Agricultural Revolutions

RevolutionFather of the Revolution/Person associated
Black Revolution
Blue Revolution               Dr. Arun Krishnan and Dr. Harilal Chaudhari
Brown RevolutionDr. Harilal Chaudhari
Evergreen RevolutionStarted in the 11th 5 year Plan.
Golden RevolutionNirpakh Tutej.
Golden Fiber Revolution
Green RevolutionM.S. Swaminathan.
Grey Revolution
Pink Revolution               Durgesh Patel.
Protein RevolutionCoined by PM Narendra Modi and FM Arun Jaitely.
Red RevolutionVishal Tewari.
Round Revolution
Silver Fiber Revolution
Silver RevolutionIndira Gandhi
White RevolutionDr.Verghese Kurien.
Yellow RevolutionSam Pitroda

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Father of the Agricultural Revolutions:-

  • Father of Green Revolution in India -M.S.Swaminathan.
  • Father of White Revolution -Verghese Kurien.
  • Milk Man of India -Verghese Kurien.
  • Father of Blue Revolution-Dr.Arun Krishnan.
  • Father of Induced Breeding- Prof.Hirlal Chaudhari.
  • Father of Pink Revolution- Durgesh Patel.
  • Father of Golden Revolution- Nirpakh Tutej.
  • Father of Red Revolution -Vishal Tewari.
  • Father of Silver Revolution- Indira Gandhi.
  • Father of Yellow Revolution-Sam Pitroda.
  • Father of Brown Revolution-Dr. Harilal Chaudhari


Q.Who is the Father Of Green Revolution in India?

Ans-M.S. Swaminathan is the father of agriculture in India.

Q.Why is the agricultural revolution important?

Ans-The Agricultural Revolutions are important for farming easier and more productive and massive increase in food production. It impacted society as the population became better nourished and healthier.

Q.Who is the father of agriculture?

Ans-Dr.Norman Borlaug is the father of agriculture in the world and M.S. Swaminathan is the father of agriculture in India.

Q.Who is the Father of Blue Revolution?

Ans- Dr.Arun Krishnan is the Father of the Blue Revolution

Q.Who is the Father of the Pink Revolution?

Ans-Durgesh Patel is the Father of the Pink Revolution.

Q.Who is called Milk Man of India?

Ans-Verghese Kurien is called Milk Man of India.

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