Index and Ranking of India 2019

Dear Aspirants, Here we provide important Index and Ranking of India 2019 in the various category which is important part of Current Affairs for all competitive examinations. It includes the rank of India, Top rank countries, Bottom rank countries and Rank released by which organization.

List of Index and Ranking of India 2019

1.World press freedom index 2019 – 140th

Top – Norway

Bottom – Turkmenistan (180th )

Published by – Reporters without Border (Paris)

2. Global Hunger Index 2018-103th


Last -Central African Republic ( 119th )

Published By-Concern Worldwide (Dublin) & Welthungerhilfe (Germany)

3. Global Innovation Index 2019 – 52nd

Top –Switzerland

Published By – Cornell University, INSEAD Business School, WIPO

4. SIPRI Report on Military Expenditure 2019 – 4th

Top – America (US)

Published By  – Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sweden)

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5. International Intellectual property Index 2019 – 36th

Top – America (US)

Published By – US chamber of commerce (Washington DC)

6. Global peace Index 2019 – 141st

Top – Iceland

Bottom-Afganisthan (163th )

Published By – Institute for Economic & Peace (Sydney)

7. World Happiness Index 2019 – 140th 

Top – Finland

Bottom – South Sudan (156th)

Published By – UN sustainable Development solution Network

8. Henley Passport Index 2019  –  86th

Top – Japan and Singapore

Published By – International Air Transport Association (Montreal)

9. Global Energy Transition Index 2019- 76th


Published By-world economic forum (Switzerland)

10. Corruption Perception index 2018-78th

Top- Denmark (good)

Bottom –Somalia (bad)180th

Published by – Transparency International

11. Ease of Doing Business Index 2018-77th

Top- New Zealand

Bottom  –Somalia(190th)

By- World Bank

12. Global Competitiveness Index 2019-58th

Top- America (US)

Botton – Chad(140th )

By-World Economic Forum

13. World Competitiveness Index 2019-43rd

Top- Singapore

Bottom -Venezuela (63rd)

Published by-IMD(International Institute for Management Development )

14. Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2019-80th

Top -Switzerland

Published By- INSEAD business school with Tata communication

15. E-commerce Development Index 2018 -96th

Top-  Denmark

By- UN

16. Human capital index 2018-115th

Top- Singapore,

Bottom –Chad (157th)

Published by – World Bank

17. The Human Freedom Index 2018 –110th

Top-New Zealand

Published By-Cato and Fraser Institute 

18. Human development Index 2018-130th

Top- Norway

Published By- UNDP (United Nation Development Programme)

19. Global Liveability Index 2018: Delhi-112th &Mumbai-117th

Top- Vienna (Capital of Austria)

Published By-The Economist Intelligence Unit(EIU),  London

20. Sustainable Development Goals Index 2018 –57th

Top-Himachal Pradesh

Published By- NITI Ayog 

21. Global Environment Performance Index 2018-177th


Published By-World Economic Forum

22. 23. Climate change performance index 2019-11th

Top- Sweden

Bottom -south Arabic (60th)

Published By -Climatic Action Network Europe and German Watch

24. Global Gender Gap Report 2019-108th


Published By- World Economic Forum (WEF)

25. Global Gender Equality Index 2019-95th

Top- Denmark

Botton – Chad(129th )

Published By-

26. Global Climate Risk Index 2019 –14th

Top-Puerto Rico 

Published By-Annual Climate Summit

27. Global Terrorism Index 2018-07th


Published By- Institute For Economic and Peace

28. World Inequality index 2018-147th

Top- Denmark


Published By- Oxfam

29. World Migration Report – 1st

Top- India


30. Travel and Tourism competitiveness index 2019-34th

Top- Spain

By- World Economic Forum

31. Global manufacturing Index- 30th


By- World Economic Forum 

32. World Gold Reserve 2019-10th


By- World Gold Council

33. End of childhood index global childhood report 2019 –113th

Top- Singapore

Last- Central African Republic, 176th

34. Health Index of India

Top – Kerala

By-NITI Aayog

35. Index of Cancer Preparedness (ICP) 2019-19th


Bottom- Egypt (28th )

Published By -The Economist Intelligence Unit(EIU)

36. Mercer’s quality of the living index

Top-Vienna (10 times in a row)


37. Democracy index 2018 –41st


Published By – Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)

India under flawed democracy

38. Bloomberg  Innovative index 2019-54th

Top – South Korea (6th time in a row)

Published By -Bloomberg Business

39. International IP index 2019 –36th

Top- US

Last – Venezuela (50th)

Published By – GIPC (Global Innovation Policy center), US

40. Global passport index – 67th

Top  – UAE

41. Climate Change Performance Index 2018 –8th

Top -Sweden

Published By -New Climate Institute, Germanwatch, and CAN

42. Commonwealth Innovation Index –10th

Top- UK

Published By -WIPO and GII 

43. Global Economic Freedom Index –130th

Top-Hong Kong

Published By -American ThinkTank 

44. Kids Right Index-117th


45.Inclusive internet index 2019-47th


46.Global Energy Transition Index 2019 –76th

Top- Sweden

By-World Economic Forum 

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