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Keyboard shortcuts are generally used to reducing input sequences. The user uses the computer shortcut key by the press and holds several keys simultaneously or a sequence of keys one after the other.

Shortcut keys are an easier and quicker method of navigating commands on the computer. These are commonly accessed or work by using the Alt key, Ctrl key, or Shift key in conjunction with another key.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly used basic pc shortcut keys, window shortcut keys, MS word shortcut keys, and  Excel shortcut keys which helps users to access easily in less time and frequently. It is also a part of General Knowledge for Competitive examination and helps to aspirants in their Lab test or computer skill test in Railway NTPC and State PSU examination.

Basic Computer Shortcut keys

Shortcut KeysFunction
Alt+E Edit options in the current program.
Alt+F File menu options in current program.
Ctrl+A           Select all the text.
Ctrl+Alt+DelRestart system/Open Task Manager
Ctrl+C/Ctrl+InsCopy Selected text or file
Ctrl+V/Shift+InsPaste Selected all text or file.
Ctrl+X/Shift+DeleteCut selected item.
DelDelete selected items
EndGoes to end of current line.
EnterExecute a Program
EscTerminate most of the Operation
F1View help information (For All Programs)
F2Rename a selected file.
HomeGo to beginning
Page up/Page downGoes to the Top/Bottom of the document/window
Shift+DeleteDelete the selected item permanently.
Tab/ shift+Tab Select the next/Previous item.

Microsoft Windows Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Keys


Alt + EnterOpens properties window of selected icon or program.
Alt + EscSwitches between applications on the taskbar.
Alt + F4Closes current open program.
Alt + Print ScreenCreates a screenshot for the current program.
Alt + Shift + Tab     Switches backward between open applications.
Alt + TabSwitches from one open application to another open application.
Ctrl + A         Selects all items on a page.
Ctrl + Alt + DelOpens windows task manager/reboot.
Ctrl + C         Copies a selection to the Clipboard.
Ctrl + EscBrings up the start menu.
Ctrl + F4Closes window in the program.
Ctrl + FStart a search tool
Ctrl + N         Starts a new file.
Ctrl + O         Opens a recently used file.
Ctrl + PPrints a file.
Ctrl + Plus (+) KeyAutomatically adjusts widths of all columns in Windows Explorer.
Ctrl + S          Saves changes to a file.
Ctrl + Shift + C        Display a shortcut menu for column headings in a file list.
Ctrl + V         Pastes a selection from the Clipboard.
Ctrl + X         Cuts a selected item.
Ctrl + Y          Redo a change.
Ctrl + ZUndo a change.
EscCancels a selection.
F2Renames the selected icon.
F3Start to find from the desktop.
F4Opens the drive selection when browsing.
F5Refreshes contents.
Holding Shift During BootupEnables boot safe mode or bypass system files.
Shift + DelDeletes selected programs/files permanently.
Shift + F10Simulates right click on selected item.

Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys

Shortcut KeysFunctions
Ctrl + 1Sets single line spacing.
Ctrl + 2Sets double line spacing.
Ctrl + 5Sets line spacing to 1.5.
Ctrl + ASelects All /whole document.
Ctrl + BMakes selected text Bold.
Ctrl + CCopies a selection to the Clipboard.
Ctrl + DFont Options
Ctrl + EAligns text center.
Ctrl + FFinds text
Ctrl + IItalic selected text.
Ctrl + JJustify text.
Ctrl + KMake Hyperlink
Ctrl + LAligns text left.
Ctrl + MIncrease Indent Margin
Ctrl + NCreates a new document.
Ctrl + OOpens an existing document.
Ctrl + PPrints a document.
Ctrl + QRemove Indent Margin/Paragraph format
Ctrl + RAligns text right.
Ctrl + SSaves changes to a document.
Ctrl + THanging Indent
Ctrl + UUnderlines selected texts.
Ctrl + VPastes a selection from the Clipboard.
Ctrl + WClose document.
Ctrl + Xcut a selection
Ctrl + YRedo last action.
Ctrl + ZUndo last action.
Ctrl + Shift + FChange the font.
Ctrl + Shift + > Increase font size
Ctrl + Shift + <Decrease font size
Ctrl +]Increase font size by +1.
Ctrl + [Decrease font size by -1
Ctrl + Shift +FChange Font
Ctrl + Shift +PChange Font size
Ctrl + Shift +WUnderline but not space
Ctrl + Shift +DDouble Underline but not space
Ctrl + Shift +KSmall Capital
Ctrl + Shift +AAll Capital
Ctrl + EndMoves to the end of the document.
Ctrl + HomeMoves to the beginning of the document.
Ctrl + Shift + *View or hide non printing characters.
Ctrl + Shift + (+)Superscript
Ctrl + (=)Subscript
Ctrl + (Left arrow)Move one word to the left.
Ctrl + (Right arrow)Move one word to the right.
Ctrl + (Up arrow)Move to the beginning of the line or paragraph.
Ctrl + (Down arrow)Move to the end of the paragraph.
Ctrl + DelDelete the word to the right of the cursor.
Ctrl + BackspaceDelete the word to the left of the cursor.
Ctrl + EndMove the cursor to end of the document.
Ctrl + HomeMove the cursor to the beginning of the document.
Ctrl + SpaceReset highlighted text to the default font.
Ctrl + Alt + 1Change text to heading 1.
Ctrl + Alt + 2Change text to heading 2.
Ctrl + Alt + 3Change text to heading 3.
F1Open Help.
F2Move Text
F3Insert Auto Text
F4Repeat the last action performed (Word 2000+).
F5Go to
F6Go to next frame
F7Spelling check selected text and/or document.
F8Extend a selection
F9Update Selected Field
F10Active the Menu Bar
F11Go to next field
F12Saves the document as a new file/ Save as (file menu)
Shift + F12Save.
Shift + F3Change case of selected text.
Shift + InsertPaste.
Shift + F7Activate the thesaurus.
Alt + Shift + DInsert the current date.
Alt + Shift + TInsert the current time.


Alt + =Auto sum all of the above cells.
Alt + Shift + F1Insert new worksheet.
Ctrl + (Right arrow)Move to next section of text.
CTRL+ UP ARROWMove to the 1st  page.
CTRL+ DOWN ARROWMove to the last page.
Ctrl + ;Enter the current date
Ctrl + Shift + ; / Ctrl + :Enter the current time.
Ctrl + 5Apply strjkejhrough formatting.
Ctrl +7.Show or hide the standard toolbar
Ctrl +9Hide rows
CTRL+SHIFT+(Unhide rows
Ctrl +0Hide Columns
CTRL+SH|FT+)Unhide Columns
CTRL+ SPACEBARSelect the entire column
ALT+CMove the selected field into the column area.
ALT+DMove the selected field into the data area.
ALT +Shift +F1Insert a new worksheet
CTRL + HomeMove to the beginning of the worksheet
CTRL+EndMove to the last cell on the worksheet
ALT+ ENTERstart a new line in the same cell.
Ctrl + ASelect all contents of a worksheet.
Ctrl + BBold highlighted selection.
Ctrl + CCopy selected text.
Ctrl + DFill down
Ctrl + R         Fill to the right
Ctrl + FOpen find and replace options.
Ctrl + F10Maximize the currently selected window.
Ctrl + F6Switch between open workbooks/windows.
Ctrl + F9Minimize the current window.
Ctrl + GOpen go-to options.
Ctrl + HOpen find and replace options.
Ctrl + IItalic highlighted the selection.
Ctrl +Insert the value of the above cell into the current cell.
Ctrl + KInsert link
Ctrl + NOpen new document.
Ctrl + OOpen options.
Ctrl + POpen print dialog box.
Ctrl + SSave.
Ctrl + U Underline highlighted selection.
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + WClose document.
Ctrl + YUnderline selected text.
Ctrl + ZUndo the last action.
F11Create a chart
F2Edit the selected cell.
F5Go to a specific cell.
F7Spell check selected text and/or document.
Ctrl + Shift + !Format number in comma format.
Ctrl + Shift + #Format number in date format.
Ctrl + Shift + $Format number in currency format.
Ctrl + Shift + %Format number in percentage format.
Ctrl + Shift + @Format number in time format.
Ctrl + Shift + ^Format number in scientific format.
Ctrl + SpaceSelect the entire column.
Ctrl + TabMove between two or more open Excel files
Ctrl + Page upMove to Previous Excel worksheets in the same document.
Ctrl+ Page DownMove to the next Excel worksheets in the same document.
Shift + F3Open the Excel formula window.
Shift + F5Bring up the search box
Shift + SpacebarSelect the entire row.


Outlook Shortcut keys

Shortcut keysFunctions
Alt + SSend the email.
Ctrl + BBold highlighted selection.
Ctrl + CCopy selected text.
Ctrl + FForward an email.
Ctrl + IItalicize highlighted a selection.
Ctrl + KComplete name/email typed in the address bar.
Ctrl + NCreate a new email.
Ctrl + POpen print dialog box.
Ctrl + RReply to an email.
Ctrl + Shift + ACreate a new appointment to your calendar.
Ctrl + Shift + CCreate a new contact.
Ctrl + Shift + IOpen the inbox.
Ctrl + Shift + KAdd a new task.
Ctrl + Shift + OOpen the outbox.
Ctrl + Shift+ JCreate a new journal entry.
Ctrl + UUnderline highlighted selection.
Ctrl + XCut selected text.

                            WINKEY shortcuts

Shortcut keysFunctions
WINKEY + CTRL + FDisplay the search for computers window.
WINKEY + DBring desktop to the top of other windows.
WINKEY + EOpen Microsoft Explorer.
WINKEY + FDisplay the Windows Search/Find feature.
WINKEY + F1Display Microsoft Windows help.
WINKEY + LLock the computer (Windows XP & later).
WINKEY + MMinimize all windows.
WINKEY + Pause /BreakOpen the system properties window.
WINKEY + ROpen the run window.
WINKEY + SHIFT + MUndo the minimize done by WINKEY + M and WINKEY + D.
WINKEY + TabCycle through open programs on the taskbar.
WINKEY + UOpen utility manager.

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