410+ List of Chemical Names and formulas: All common Formulas  

Dear Readers, In this article I provide a complete list of all the Chemical Names and formulas of Substances, also the Chemical name of different Acids , a list of Common Chemical Formulas and Names, and many things which we use in our daily life which are very useful for us.

In most of the Competitive examinations like Railway NTPC, JE, ALP, Group D, SSC CGL, CHSL, Banking, FCI, State PSU, etc., science is a major part of General Knowledge. Most questions arise in the examination from Unit and Measurement, Chemical Formulas, Inventions and Discoveries, Important Minerals & Ores, Various Branches of science, etc. Other important topics are Padma Award Complete Details, Complete List of Important Wars/Battles in Indian History, Books and AuthorsJnanpith Award Winners List (1965-2021)275+ CEO List Of Top Companies-2021which help Aspirants for SSC (CGL, MultiTasking), Railway JE, NTPC, State PSU, and all competitive exams.

What is Chemical formula?

A chemical formula gives us information about the number of atoms of each element in a compound. There are different types of chemical formulas and each type gives us different information about a chemical substance. The different types of chemical formulas include molecular, empirical, structural, and condensed structural formulas.

Each chemical substances have their own chemical formula because each chemical substance has a specific chemical composition.


List of Common Chemical Formulas and Names:-


SI No. Common Name Chemical Name Formula
1 Alumina Aluminium Oxide Al2O3
2 Ant killer Boric Acid H3BO3
3 Aspirin Acetylsalicylic Acid C9H8O4
4 Bleach(liquid) Sodium Hypochloride NaClO
5 Bleach(Solid) Sodium Perborate NaBO3
6 Bleaching Powder Calcium Oxychloride CaOCl2
7 Borax Sodium Borate Na2B4O7.10H2O
8 Butter of zinc Zinc Chloride ZnCl2 3H2O
9 Calomel Mercurous Chloride HgCl
10 Chalk (Marbal) Calcium carbonate CaCO3
11 Chili Salt Peter Sodium Nitrate NaNO3
12 Green vitriol Ferrous Sulphate Fe SO4.7H2O
13 Blue vitriol Coppor Sulphate CuSO4 .5H2O
14 White Vitriol Zinc Sulphate Zn SO4. 7H2O
15 Heavy Water Duterium Oxide D2O
16 Heavy Hydrogen Duterium D
17 Baking Soda/ Baking Powder Sodium Bicarbonate NaHCO3
18 Washing Soda Sodium Carbonate Na2CO3
19 Chloroform Trichloro methane CHCl3
20 Solid Ice/Dry Ice Solid Carbon Dioxide CO2
21 Chloroform Trichoromathane CHCl3
22 Soda ash Sodium Carbonate Na2CO3
23 Potash Ash Potassium Carbonate K2CO3
24 Potash Alum Potassium Aluminium Sulphate K2SO4.Al2(SO4)3. 24 H2O
25 Caustic potash Potassium Hydroxide KOH
26 Caustic Soda/Lye  Sodium Hydroxide NaOH
27 Slaked Lime/Line Water Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)2
28 Quick Lime/ Lime Calcium Oxide CaO
29 Common Salt Sodium Chloride NaCl
30 Rock Salt Sodium Chloride NaCl
31 Globar’s Salt  Sodium Sulphate Na2SO4 .10H2O
32 Epsom  Magnesium Sulphate MgSO4. 7H2O
33 Ethyne Acetylene C2H2
34 Farmeline Formal Dehyde HCHO
35 Fertilizer Ammonium Phosphate (NH4)3PO4
36 Fruit Sugar Fructose C12H22O11
37 Sugar Sucrose C6H12O6
38 Hydrogen Cyanide Prussic Acid HCN
39 Hydrolith Calcium Hydride CaH2
40 King of Acid Sulphuric Acid H2SO4
41 Lithopone Barium Sulphate BaSO4
42 Loundry Bleach Hydro Chlorous Acid HClO
43 Lunar Caustic  Silver Nitrate AgNO3
44 Laughing Gas  Nitrogen Dioxide NO2
45 Milk of Magnesia Magnesium Hydroxide Mg(OH)2
46 Magnesia Magnesium Oxide MgO
47 Marsh Gas Mithane CH4
48 Mohr’s Salt Ammonium Ferrous Sulphate FeSO4.(NH4)2 SO4 . 6H2O
49 Nausadar Ammonium Chloride NH4Cl
50 Phenol Carbolic Acid C6H5OH
51 Plaster of Paris Calcium Sulphate CaSO4 . 1/2 H2O
52 Gypsum Calcium Suphate CaSO4, 2 H2O
53 Road Deicer Calcium Chloride CaCl2
54 Rust Remover Oxalic Acid C2H2O4
55 Sand/Silica Silicon Dioxide SiO2
56 T.N.T Tri Nitrotoluene C6H2 CH3 (NO2)3
57 Urea Carbamyde NH2CONH2
58 Vinegar Acetic Acid CH3COOH
59 Vermelium Mercuric Sulphide HgS
60 Wood Sprite Methyl Alcohol CH3OH
61 Heating gas propane C3H8


Chemical Name of Different Acids

SI No Chemical Name  Formula  
1 Acetic Acid (Vinegar) CH3COOH
2 Acetylsalicylic Acid (Aspirin) C9H8O4
3 Ascorbic acid C6H8O6
4 Benzoic Acid C7H6O2
5 Boric Acid (Ant killer) H3BO3
6 Butanoic acid C4H8O2
7 Carbolic acid (Phenol) C6H5OH
8 Carbonic Acid H2CO3
9 Citric acid C6H8O7
10 Chromic acid H2CrO4
11 Formic Acid/ Methanoic Acid CH2O2
12 Hydro Chlorous Acid (Laundry Bleach) HClO
13 Hydrochloric Acid/ Muriatic Acid HCl
14 Hydrofluoric Acid HF
15 Lactic Acid (Milk Acid) C3H6O3
16 Maleic acid C4H4O4
17 Malic acid C4H6O5
18 Nitric acid HNO3
19 Oxalic Acid (Rust Remover) C2H2O4
20 Phosphoric acid H3PO4
21 Phosphorous Acid H3PO3
22 Prussic acid (hydrogen cyanide) HCN
23 Sulphuric Acid (King of Acid) H2SO4
24 Stearic acid C18H36O2
25 Tartaric Acid C4H6O6
26 Tannic acid C76H52O46

All List of Chemical Name and formula

SI No Chemical Name Formula
1 Acetaldehyde C2H4O
2 Acetamide C2H5NO
3 Acetate CH3COO
4 Acetic acid CH3COOH 
5 Acetone C3H6O / (CH3)2 CO
6 Acetonitrile C2H3N
7 Acetylene(Ethyne) C2H2
8 Acetic Acid  CH3COOH+H2O
9 Aluminium Al
10 Aluminium Oxide (Alumina) Al2O3
11 Aluminium hydroxide Al(OH)3
12 Aluminium Phosphate AlPO4
13 Aluminium sulphate Al2(SO4)3
14 AluminiumSulphide Al2S3
15 Aluminum bromide AlBr3
16 Aluminum fluoride AlF3
17 Ammonia NH3
18 Ammonium Ion  NH4+
19 Ammonium acetate C2H3O2NH4
20 Ammonium Carbonate (NH4)2CO3
21 Ammonium Bicarbonate NH4HCO3
22 Ammonium Bromide NH4Br
23 Ammonium chloride NH4Cl
24 Ammonium hydroxide NH4OH
25 Ammonium iodide NH4I
26 Ammonium Nitrate (NH4)NO3
27 Ammonium nitrite NH4NO2
28 Ammonium oxide (NH4)2O
29 Ammonium persulfate (NH4)2S2O8
30 Ammonium phosphate(Fertilizer) (NH4)3PO4
31 Ammonium Sulphate (NH4)2SO4
32 Ammonium Bifluorid NH4HF2
33 Ammonium Iodide NH4I
34 Aniline C6H5 NH2
35 Argon gas Ar
36 Ascorbic acid C6H8O6
37 Acetylsalicylic Acid (Aspirin)  C9H8O4
38 Barium bromide BaBr2
39 Barium Carbonate BaCO3
40 Barium chloride BaCl2
41 Barium fluoride BaF2
42 Barium hydroxide Ba(OH)2
43 Barium iodide BaI2
44 Barium Nitrate Ba(NO3)2
45 Barium oxide BaO
46 Barium sulphate (Lithopone) BaSO4
47 Bauxite(hydrated aluminium oxides) Al2O3 2H2O
48 Benzene C6H6
49 Benzoic acid C7H6O2
50 Bleach(Sodium Hypochloride) NaClO
51 Bleaching Powder (Calcium Oxychloride)  CaOCl2
52 Bleach NaClO
53 Blue vitriol (Coppor Sulphate)  CuSO4 5H2O
54 Borax (sodium tetraborate) Na2B4O7 10H2O
55 Boric acid(Ant killer) H3BO3
56 Bromate BrO3
57 Bromine Br
58 Bromothymol Blue C27H28Br2O5S
59 Butane C4H10
60 Butanoic acid C4H8O2
61 Butter of zinc(zinc chloride) ZnCl2 3H2O
62 Cadmium sulfate CdSO4
63 Calcium Ca
64 Calcium acetate  
65 Calcium Carbide (carbide) CaC2
66 Calcium carbonate (Lime stone ,chalk, Marbal) CaCO3
67 Calcium Chloride (Road Deicer) CaCl2
68 Calcium hydride(Hydrolith) CaH2
69 Calcium hydroxide (Slaked Lime,Line Water) Ca(OH)2
70 Calcium iodide CaI2
71 Calcium nitrate Ca(NO3)2 4H2O
72 Calcium oxide (Lime,Quick Lime) CaO
73 Calcium Oxydichloride (Bleaching Powder)  Ca(OCl)Cl / CaOCl2
74 Calcium phosphate  Ca3(PO4)2
75 Calcium Sulphate (Gypsom)  CaSO4
76 Calcium Sulphate(Plaster Of Paris)  CaSO4 , 1/2 H2O
77 Calcium Suphate(Gypsum)  CaSO4, 2 H2O
78 Calomel(Mercuric Chloride) Hg2Cl2
79 Carbolic acid(phenol) C6H5OH
80 Carbon Dioxide CO2
81 Carbon Disulphide CS2          
82 Carbon monoxide CO
83 Carbon tetrachloride CCl4
84 Carbonic Acid H2CO3
85 Carborundum (silicon carbide) SiC
86 Caustic potash(potassium hydroxide) KOH
87 Caustic soda(sodium hydroxide) NaOH
88 Cellulose (C6H10O5)n
89 Chili Salt Peter(Sodium Nitrate) NaNO3
90 Chlorine gas Cl2
91 Chlorine Trifluoride ClF3
92 Chlorine Cl2
93 Chloroacetic acid C2H3O2Cl
94 Chloroform(Trichoromathane) CHCl3
95 Chromate CrO42
96 Chromic Oxide Cr2O3
97 Citric acid C6H8O7
98 Chromic acid H2CrO4
99 Common Salt(Sodium Chloride) NaCl
100 Copper chloride CuCl2
101 Copper Hydroxide Cu(OH)2
102 Copper carbonate CuCO3
103 Copper sulphate CuSO4
104 Copper Oxide Cu2O
105 Diatomic Bromine Br2
106 Dichloromethane CH2Cl2
107 Dichromate K2Cr2O7
108 Dihydrogen monoxide OH2
109 Dimethyl sulphoxide C2H6OS
110 Dimethyl glyoxime C4H8N2O2
111 Dinitrogen monoxide N2O
112 Dinitrogen Pentoxide N2O5
113 Dinitrogen trioxide N2O3
114 Dipotassium Phosphate K2HPO4
115 Ethane C2H6
116 Ethanol C2H5OH
117 Ethylene glycol C2H6O2
118 Ethylene C2H4
119 Ethyne(Acetylene) C2H2
120 Eugenol C10H12O2
121 Farmeline (Formal Dehyde) HCHO
122 Fertilizer(Ammonium Phosphate) (NH4)3PO4
123 Fluorine F
124 Formaldehyde CH2O
125 Formic Acid HCOOH
126 Fructose(Fruit Sugar) C6H12O6
127 Giycerin C3H8O3
128 Glueose C6H12O6
129 Glycerol C3H8O3
130 Graphite(crystaline carbon) C
131 Green vitrol (ferrous sulphate) FeSO4 7H2O
132 Gypsom(Calcium Sulphate) CaSO4 2H2O
133 Heating gas(propane) C3H8
134 Heavy Hydrogen(Duterium) D
135 Heavy Water(Duterium Oxide) D2O
136 Helium He
137 Hexamine C6H12N4
138 Hexane C6H14
139 Hydrazine N2H4
140 Hydrobromic acid HBr
141 Hydrochloric acid HCl
142 Hydrofluoric Acid HF
143 Hydrogen peroxide H2O2
144 Hydrogen sulphate HSO4
145 Hydrogen sulphide H2S
146 Hydroiodic acid HI
147 Hydrolith(Cilium Hydride) CaH2
148 Hydroquinone C6H6O2
149 Hydroxide OH
150 Hypobromous acid HBrO
151 Hypochlorite ClO
152 Hypochlorous acid HClO
153 Hypoiodous acid HIO
154 Iodine I
155 Iron chloride(ferrous chloride) FeCl2 4H2O
156 Iron oxide Fe2O3
157 Iron sulfide(ferrous sulphide) FeS
158 Lactic acid C3H6O3
159 Laughing Gas(Nitrous Oxide N2O
160 Lead oxide PbO2
161 Lead Acetate Pb(C2H3O2)2
162 Lead iodide PbI2
163 Lead Sulphide PbS
164 Lithium bromide LiBr
165 Lithium chloride LiCl
166 Lithium hydroxide LiOH
167 Lithium iodide LiI
168 Lithium oxide Li2O
169 Lithium phosphate Li3PO4
170 Magnesia(magnesium oxide) MgO
171 Magnesium carbonate MgCO3
172 Magnesium chloride(Nigari) MgCl2
173 Magnesium hydroxide(Milk of Magnesia) Mg(OH)2
174 Magnesium iodide MgI2
175 Magnesium nitrate Mg(NO3)2
176 Magnesium oxide MgO
177 Magnesium dioxide MgO2
178 Magnesium phosphate Mg3(PO4)2
179 Magnesium sulphate MgSO4
180 Magnesium sulphide MgS
181 Magnesium Silicate(Talc)  Mg3Si4O10(OH)2
182 Maleic acid C4H4O4                   
183 Maltose C12H22O11
184 Manganese dioxide MnO2
185 Mannitol C6H14O6
186 Marsh gas (methane) CH4
187 Mercury (Quick Silver) Hg
188 Mercuric Chloride (Calomel)  Hg2Cl2
189 Mercuric Sulphide (Vermiliun)  HgS
190 Methane(Natural Gas) CH4
191 Methanoic Acid(Formic Acid) CH2O2
192 Methanol CH3OH
193 Methyl acetate C3H6O2
194 Methyl Ethyl Ketone C4H8O
195 Methylene blue C16H18ClN3S
196 Monopotassium phosphate KH2PO4
197 Monosodium Glutamate C5H8NO4Na
198 Nickel acetate C4H6O4Ni
199 Nickel nitrate Ni(NO3)2
200 Nickel sulphate NiSO4
201 Nitric acid HNO3
202 Nitrite NO2
203 Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)  N2O
204 Nitrogen monoxide NO
205 Nitrous acid HNO2
206 Oxalate C2O42
207 Oxalic acid (Rust Remover) H2C2O4
208 Oxygen O
209 Ozone O3
210 Perchloric acid HClO4
211 Peroxydisulfuric Acid H2S2O8
212 Phenol C6H6O
213 Phenolphthalein C20H14O4
214 Phenyl C6H5
215 Phosphate PO43
216 Phosphoric acid H3PO4
217 Phosphorous Acid H3PO3
218 Phosphorus pentachloride PCl5
219 Phosphorus Triiodide PI3
220 Polystyrene (C8H8)n
221 Polyurethane Foam C27H36N2O10
222 Potassium carbonate (Potash) K2CO3
223 Potassium acetate CH3CO2K
224 Potassium bicarbonate KHCO3
225 Potassium Bromide KBr
226 Potassium Bitritate (Cream of tartar)  KHC4H4O6
227 Potassium chlorate KClO3
228 Potassium chloride KCl
229 Potassium chromate CrK2O4
230 Potassium cyanide KCN
231 Potassium dichromate K2Cr2O7
232 Potassium Ferrocyanide K4Fe(CN)6
233 Potassium fluoride KF
234 Potassium hydroxide(Caustic Potash) KOH
235 Potassium hypochlorite KClO
236 Potassium Iodate KIO3
237 Potassium iodide KI
238 Potassium nitrate (Niter) KNO3
239 Potassium nitrite KNO2
240 Potassium oxide K2O
241 Potassium Permanganate (Red Medicine) KMnO4
242 Potassium sulphite K2SO3
243 Potassium Thiocyanate KSCN
244 Potassium Aluminium Sulphate (Potash Alum)  K Al(SO4)2. 12H2O
245 Propane C3H8
246 Pyridine C5H5N
247 Resorcinol C6H6O2
248 Salicylic Acid C7H6O3
249 Silicon dioxide SiO2
250 Silver acetate AgC2H3O2
251 Silver bromide AgBr
252 Silver carbonate Ag2CO3
253 Silver chloride AgCl
254 Silver nitrate AgNO3
255 Silver oxide Ag2O
256 Silver phosphate Ag3PO4
257 Soda ash(hydrated sodium carbonate) Na2CO3 10H2O
258 Sodium acetate C2H3NaO2
259 Sodium bicarbonate(Baking Soda) NaHCO3
260 Sodium bisulphate NaHSO4
261 Sodium borat Na2 [B4O5(OH)4]·8H2O
262 Sodium bromide NaBr
263 Sodium carbonate Na2CO3
264 Sodium Chlorate NaClO3
265 Sodium chloride (Common Salt) NaCl
266 Sodium chromate Na2CrO4
267 Sodium citrate Na3C6H5O7
268 Sodium cyanide NaCN
269 Sodium dichromate Na2Cr2O7
270 Sodium fluoride NaF
271 Sodium hydroxide NaOH
272 Sodium hypochlorite NaClO
273 Sodium iodide NaI
274 Sodium metabisulfite Na2S2O5
275 Sodium nitrate NaNO3
276 Sodium nitride Na3N
277 Sodium nitrite NaNO2
278 Sodium oxide Na2O
279 Sodium peroxide Na2O2
280 Sodium phosphate Na3PO4
281 Sodium potassium tartrate C4H4O6KNa·4H2O
282 Sodium Silicate Na2SIO3
283 Sodium sulphate Na2SO4
284 Sodium sulphide Na2S
285 Sodium sulphite Na2SO3
286 Sodium Thiosulphate Na2S2O3
287 Soot /amorphous carbon C
288 Stearic acid C18H36O2
289 Strontium chloride SrCl2
290 Strontium nitrate Sr(NO3)2
291 Sucrose C12H22O11            
292 Sulphate ion SO42−
293 Sulphur dioxide SO2
294 Sulphur Hexafluoride SF6
295 Sulphur trioxide SO3
296 Sulphuric acid H2SO4
297 Sulphurous acid H2SO3
298 Tannic acid C76H52O46
299 Tartaric Acid C4H6O6
300 Tetrachloroethylene C2Cl4
301 Tin chloride SnCl2     
302 Tin Oxide SnO2
303 Titanium dioxide TiO2
304 Toluene C7H8
305 Trichloroacetic acid C2HCl3O2
306 Urea(Carbamyde) CH4N2O
307 Urethane  C3H7NO2
308 Washing Soda/Sodium Carbonate Na2CO3.10H2O
309 White lead/basic lead carbonate 2PbCO3 Pb(OH)2
310 White vitrol/zinc sulphate ZnSO4 7H2O
311 Wood Sprite/Methyl Alcohol CH3OH
312 Xenon Difluoride XeF2
313 Xylene C8H10
314 Zinc acetate Zn(CH3COO)2(H2O)2
315 Zinc blende/zinc sulphide ZnS
316 Zinc carbonate ZnCO3
317 Zinc chloride ZnCl2
318 Zinc hydroxide Zn(OH)2
319 Zinc iodide ZnI2
320 Zinc nitrate Zn(NO3)2
321 Zinc or chinese white/zinc oxide ZnO
322 Zinc phosphate Zn3(PO4)2
323 Zinc sulphate ZnSO4
324 Zinc sulphide ZnS



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