Indira Gandhi peace prize Winner list

Here is this the complete list of The Indira Gandhi peace Prize Winners of the  Disarmament, and Development is the prestigious award instituted in 1986 and awarded by the Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust annually.

It was awarded for peace, disarmament, and development to individuals or organisations.

The prize carries a cash award of 25 lakh Indian rupees and a citation.


Indira Gandhi peace prize

Awarded for Outstanding contributions in peace
Location New Delhi
First awarded 1986
First recipient Parliamentarians for Global Action


Indira Gandhi peace Prize Recipients

Year Recipient State/Organization Position /Description
2019 Sir David Attenborough United Kingdom World-renowned English broadcaster and natural historian
2018 Centre for Science and Environment India Not for profit public interest research and advocacy organisation based in New Delhi, India.
2017 Manmohan Singh India Former PM, Finance Minister, and Governor of RBI.
2015 UNHCR United Nations United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
2014 Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) India Indian Space Agency
2013 Angela Merkel Germany Chancellor of Germany
2012 Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Liberia President of Liberia
2011 Ela Bhatt India Founder of SEWA
2010 Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Brazil President of Brazil
2009 Sheikh Hasina Bangladesh Prime Minister of Bangladesh
2008 Mohamed El Baradei Egypt 4th Director-General of the IAEA
2007 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation United States Charitable Foundation
2006 Wangari Maathai Kenya Environmental and Political activist
2005 Hamid Karzai  Afghanistan 12th President of Afghanistan
2004 MahaChakri Sirindhorn Thailand Princess of Thailand
2003 Kofi Annan   Ghana 7th Secretary-General of United Nation
2002 Shridath Ramphal  Guyana 2nd Commonwealth Secretary-General
2001 Sadako Ogata  Japan United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
2000 Mary Robinson Ireland 7th President of Ireland
1999 M S Swaminathan India Indian Agricultural Scientist
1998 Muhammad Yunus Bangladesh Founder of Grameen Bank
1997 Jimmy Carter United States President of the US(39th)
1996 Medecins Sans Frontieres France Voluntary Organisation
1995 Olusegun Obasanjo Nigeria 12th President of Nigeria
1994 Trevor Huddleston United Kingdom Anti-Apartheid Activist
1993 Vaclav Havel Czech Republic 1st President of the Czech Republic
1992 Saburo Okita Japan Japanese Economist
1991 Rajiv Gandhi India Prime Minister of India (posthumous)
1990 Sam Nujoma Namibia First President of Namibia
1989 UNICEF United Nations United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund
1988 Gro Harlem Brundtland Norway Former Prime Minister of Norway
1987 Mikhail Gorbachev Soviet Union Former Soviet Union Leader
1986 Parliamentarians for Global Action International Organisation of Parliamentarians

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