RRC DELHI GROUP-‘D’ EXAM Previous Year Question


(Held on 9th Nov 2014, 1st sitting)

1. Shri M Venkaiah Naid Is NOT the cabinet minister of (as on 15th Oct 2014)

  1. Urban Development
  2. Shipping
  3. Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
  4. Parliamentary Affairs

Ans- b.Shipping

2. Sushri Uma Bharati is NOT the cabinet minister of (as on 15 Oct 2014)

  1. Water resources
  2. River Development
  3. Drinking water and sanitation
  4. Ganga Rejuvenation

Ans- C.Drinking water and sanitation

3. Which Army was headed by Subash Chana Boss?

  1. Indian National Army
  2. Light Brigade
  3. Foreign Legion
  4. Bengal Regiment

Ans-a. Indian National Army 

4. Among the following which one is incorrectly matched?

  1. National Pension Scheme – the Contribution pension system
  2. National literacy mission program – Adult education
  3. Midday meal scheme – Lunch to school children
  4. Indira Awas yojana – Free housing scheme to ladies

Ans-d. Indira Awas yojana – Free housing scheme to ladies

5. Which of the following disease is not caused by bacteria?

  1. Tuberculosis
  2. Typhoid
  3. Measles
  4. Leprosy

Ans-C. Measles 

6. Oral Rehydration Therapy is recommended for :

  1. Tuberculosis
  2. Typhoid
  3. Tetanus
  4. Cholera

Ans-d. Cholera

7. ‘Money planet’ is the ATM network of which Indian bank?

  1. Bank of Baroda
  2. Karnatak bank
  3. State bank of India
  4. The central bank of India

Ans-b.Karnatak bank

8. ‘Just do it’ is a famous punchline from which global brand?

  1. Adidas
  2. Puma
  3. Nike
  4. Reebok

Ans-C. Nike

9. Which bill has finally passed by the parliament in December 2013 after a massive protest by public activist Anna Hazare?

  1. Lokpal
  2. Jan Lokpal
  3. Lokpal and Lokayukta Act
  4. Jan Lokayukta

Ans- C. Lokpal and Lokayukta Act

10. According to which article of the constitution of India, do the citizen have the right to know the information about the candidate’s assets and liabilities?

  1. Article 21
  2. Article 30 (A)
  3. Article 19 (A)
  4. Article 14

Ans- C. Article 19 (A)

11. Find the incorrect match?

  1. The special status of Kashmir – Article 370
  2. Fundamental rights – Article 15 – 35
  3. Directive principles of states policy – Article 36 – 50
  4. Fundamental duties of the citizen – Article 90

Ans- d. Fundamental duties of the citizen – Article 90

12. Which of the following is not a programming language?

  1. Java
  2. Basic
  3. Microsoft ASP
  4. Turing

Ans- C. Microsoft ASP

13. ISP stands for 

  1. Internet service provider
  2. Internet survey period
  3. Integrated service provider
  4. Internet Security Protocol

Ans- a. Internet service provider


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14. Which of the following Railway Station was formerly known as Victoria Terminus?

  1. Churchgate Railway station
  2. Mumbai central
  3. Lokmanya Tilak Terminus
  4. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Ans- d. Chhatrapati Shivaji  Terminus

15. Which is the name of the chief of Army staff?

  1. General V K Singh
  2. General Bikram Singh
  3. General Dalbir Singh Suhag
  4. General Thimayya

Ans- C. General Dalbir Singh Suhag

16. A corked bottle full of water when frozen will break because of:

  1. Glass is a bad conductor of heat
  2. The volume of water increases on freezing
  3. The bottle contracts on freezing
  4. The volume of water decreases on freezing

Ans- b.The volume of water increases on freezing

17. In India, Gene bank of Wheat is located at

  1. IARI, New Delhi
  2. Ludhiana
  3. Kanpur
  4. Karnal

Ans- d. Karnal

18. What is the center of an Atom Called?

  1. Proton
  2. Nucleus
  3. Neutron
  4. Electron

Ans- b. Nucleus

19. Which of the following acids is used in the car battery?

a. Hydrochloric acid

b.Sulphuric acid

c.Nitric acid

d.Carbonic acid

Ans- b.Sulphuric acid

20. ‘OECD’ Stands for –

a.Organization for Economic cooperation and development.

b.Opportunity for Economic cooperation and development.

c.Organization for Economic Conference and development.

d.Organization for Environmental cooperation and Development.

Ans- a.Organization for Economic cooperation and development.

21. Where is the Indus Civilization city ‘Lothal’ located?

a .Gujarat

b .Rajasthan

c .Punjab  

d .Haryana

Ans- a .Gujarat

22. Among the following name the State where Density of the population is the lowest?

a .Meghalaya

b .Mizoram

c .Arunachal Pradesh

d .Sikkim

Ans- c .Arunachal Pradesh

23. What causes the wind to defect towards the left in the Southern Hemisphere?

a .Temperature

b .Magnetic field

c .Rotation of the earth

d .Pressure

Ans- c .Rotation of the earth

24. Which one of the following is located in the Bastar Region?

a .Bandhavgarh National Park

b .Dandeli Sanctuary

c .Rajaji National park

d .Indravati National Park

Ans- d .Indravati National Park

25. In which state ‘Guru Shikhar peak’ is located?

a .Rajasthan

b .Gujarat

c .Madhya Pradesh

d .Maharashtra

Ans- a .Rajasthan

26. Mughal painting reached its highest level of progress during the reign of –

a .Akbar

b .Aurangzeb

c .Jahangir

d .Saha Jahan

Ans- c .Jahangir

27. Because Pluto is now no longer a planet, the planet that lies at the outermost orbit of the solar system is :

a .Saturn Neptune

b .Mercury

c .Neptune

d .Uranus

Ans- b .Mercury 

28. Expand the term ‘EMI’ as used in banking /finance sector? 

a .Easy Monthly Installment

b .Equal Monthly Investment

c .Equated Monthly Installment

d .Equated Mortgage Investment

Ans- c .Equated Monthly Installment

29. At which of the following cities the Head Office of Reserve Bank of India is located?

a .Mumbai

b .New Delhi

c .Kolkata


Ans- a .Mumbai

30. Name the person, who captained Marylebone Cricket Club XI that played during the celebration of bi-centenary of Lord’s cricket ground.

a .Sachin Tendulkar

b .Shane Warne

c .Rahul Dravid

d .Aaron Finch

Ans- a .Sachin Tendulkar

31. Who won ‘Dronacharya Awards’ for year 2014 in the field of wrestling ?

a .Mahabir Prasd

b .N.Lingappa

c .Gurcharan Singh Gogi

d .G.Manoharan

Ans- a .Mahabir Prasd

32. Who got ‘Dhyanchand Awards’ for the year 2014 in Hockey ?

a .Gurmail Singh

b .K.P. Thakkar

c .Zeeshan Ali

d .Mahabir Prasad

Ans- a .Gurmail Singh

33. The largest ‘Buddist Temple’ in the world is located in:

a . India

b . Indonesia

c . Japan

d . China

Ans- b . Indonesia

34. In which language was Buddhist Literatures written?

a . Sanskrit

b . Prakrit

c . Hindi

d . Pali

Ans- d . Pali

35. Shivaji Rao Gaikwad is the real name of which famous actor?

a . NTR

b . Chiranjeevi

c . Rajnikanth

d . Nagarjuna

Ans- c . Rajnikanth

36. ‘Make in India’ Brand campaign was launched by the Prime Minister to :

a . To promote youth development

b . To promote industry

c . To promote large scale manufacturing in India

d . To promote massive weapon Manufacturing Program

Ans- c . To promote large scale manufacturing in India

37. From which one of the following chambers of human heart is oxygenated blood pumped into aorta?

a . Right Atrium

b . Right Ventricle

c . Left Atrium

d . Left Ventricle

Ans- d . Left Ventricle

38. Mineral impurities in blood is removed by :

a . Lungs

b . Kidney

c . Spleen

d . Liver

Ans- b . Kidney

39. Which one of the following weather conditions is indicated by sudden fall in barometer reading ?

a . Stormy weather

b . Calm weather

c . Cold and dry weather

d . Hot and sunny weather

Ans- a . Stormy weather

40. Which country has world’s largest railway network ?

a . India

b . China

c . USA

d . USSR

Ans- c . USA

41. Who was an Italian Traveler to India ?

a . Niketin

b . Fitch

c . Terry

d . Marco Polo

Ans- d . Marco Polo

42. Which of the following Writes is said to be a guarantor of personal freedom?

a . Mandamus

b . Quo Warranto

c . Habeas Corpus

d . Certiorai

Ans- c . Habeas Corpus

43. Which monument was built by the Mughal Emperor  Akbar?

a . Qutub Minar

b . Red Fort

c . Charminar

d . Fatehpur Sikhri

Ans- d . Fatehpur Sikhri

44. Which State in India has lowest number of females in comparison to males?

a . Bihar

b . Rajasthan

c . Punjab

d . Haryana

Ans- d . Haryana

45. How many Lok Sabha seats come under the state of Haryana ?

a . 8

b . 9

c . 10

d . 11

Ans- c . 10

46. Which noted English actor, film director, who directed movie Gandhi and died recently ?

a . Robin Williams

b . Richard Attenborough

c . Robin Attenborough

d . Richard Williams

Ans- b . Richard Attenborough

47. What has been promised investment by Japan to India in the recently concluded Bilateral Summit?

a. $ 20 billion

b. $ 25 billion

c. $ 30 billion

d. $ 35 billion

Ans- d. $ 35 billion

48. Shri Narendra Damodhar Modi is NOT holding the portfolio of  –

a. Personnel

b. Public Grievances and Pensions

c. Department of Atomic Energy

d. Overseas Indian Affairs

Ans- d. Overseas Indian Affairs

49. Which Schedule of the Constitution contains powers, authorities and responsibilities of Panchayati Raj?

a. Eighth

b. Ninth

c. Eleventh

d. Twelfth

Ans- c. Eleventh

50. Motion of Thanks’ is given by the Indian Parliament to :

a. Some MP does very good works

b. Some citizen does very good work for the country

c. Prime Minister does a very good work for the country

d. President of India after he addresses both House of the parliament

Ans- d. President of India after he addresses both House of the parliament

51. Which of the following countries is not a permanent member of the UN Security Council?

a. USA

b. UK

c. France

d. Spain

Ans- d. Spain

52. The current Lok Sabha constituted after the General Election is

a. 13th Lok Sabha

b. 14th Lok Sabha

c. 15th Lok Sabha

d. 16th Lok Sabha

Ans- d. 16th Lok Sabha

53. Attorney General of India is appointed by :

a. Parliament

b. Law Minister

c. President

d. Chief Justice of Supreme Court

Ans- c. President

54. For writing the Punjabi language, which Sikh guru developed the Gurumukhi script ?

a . Guru Angad

b . Guru Amar Das

c . Guru Ram Das

d . Guru Arjan

Ans- a . Guru Angad

55. During the Non-cooperation Movement, which award did Gandhi ji return?

a. Knighthood

b. Rai Bahadur

c. Kaiser-e-Hind

d.Hind Kaiseri

Ans- c. Kaiser-e-Hind

56. Who founded the famous ‘Ghadar Party’ in America in 1913?

a. Madame Cama

b. Lala Hardayal

c. Rash Behari Bose

d. Chandrashekhar Azad

Ans- b. Lala Hardayal

57. The tissue which connects bone to bone is –

a. Ligament

b. Tendon

c. Adipose

d. Marrow

Ans- a. Ligament

58. Which one of the following rights was described by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as the heart and soul of the Constitution?

a. Right to freedom of religion

b. Right to property

c. Right to equality

d. Right to Constitutional

Ans- d. Right to Constitutional

59. Labor Day’ is celebrated on –

a . 1 May

b . 1 June

c . 1 January

d . 1 March

Ans- a . 1 May

60. “Madhubani’ a style of folk painting, is popular in which of the following states in India?

a. Bihar

b. Madhya Pradesh

c. West Bengal

d. Rajasthan

Ans- a. Bihar

61. A student has to score 30% marks to get through. If he gets 30 marks and fails by 30 marks. Find the maximum marks set for the examination.

a. 180

b. 210

c. 200

d. 220

Ans- c. 200

62. A candidate scores 25% and fails by 60 marks, while another candidate who scores 50% mares, gets 40 marks more than the minimum required marks to pass the exam. Find the maximum marks of the examination:

a. 360

b. 380

c. 400

d. 420

Ans- c. 400

63. The sum of the present ages of a father and his son is 60 years. Six years ago, the father’s age was five times the age of the son. After 6 years, the son’s age will be

a. 12 years

b . 14 years

c. 18 years

d. 20 years

Ans- d. 20 years

64. An error of 2% in excess is made while measuring the side of a square. The percentage of error in the calculated area of the square is :

a. 2%

b. 2.02%

c. 4%

d. 4.04%

Ans- d. 4.04%

65. A clock is started at noon. By 10 minutes past 5, the hour hand has turned through :

a. 145°

b. 150°

c. 155°

d. 160°

Ans- c. 155°

66. An automobile financier claims to be lending money at simple interest, but he includes the interest every six months for calculating the principal. If he is charging an interest of 10%, the effective rate of interest becomes :

a. 10%

b. 10.25%

c. 10.5%

d. 10.75%

Ans- c. 10.5%

67. Word Processing, Spreadsheet, and Photo-editing are examples of :

a. Application software

b. System software

c. Operating system software

d. platform software

Ans- a. Application software

68. A _ is approximately one billion bytes.

a. Bit

b. Kilobyte

c. Gigabyte

d. Megabyte

Ans- c. Gigabyte

69. The process of transferring one file from the Internet to your computer is called –

a. Download

b. Upload

c. Fast Internet Date Protocol

d. Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Ans- a. Download

70. Name the company that on 26 April 2014 completed the acquisition of Nokia’s mobile handset business

a. Microsoft based in the US

b. Oracle-based in the US

c. Adobe Systems based in US

d. SAP-based in Germany

Ans- a. Microsoft based in the US

71. Name the founder of Leela Group of Hotels, who died on 17 May 2014 in Mumbai at the age of 91.

a. Captain Krishna Nair

b. Captain G. Gopinath

c. N. Krishna Moorthy

d. Vikas Seth

Ans- a. Captain Krishna Nair

72 .Name the former Chairman and Managing Director of Tata Steel known as the Grand Old Man of Steel, who died on 16 May 2014.

a. Russi Mody

b. Ratan Tata

c. JRD Tata

d. B. Muthuraman

Ans- a. Russi Mody

73. Name the State that recently established Women Helpline in each district.

a. Delhi

b. Utter Pradesh

c. Bihar

d. Haryana

Ans- b. Utter Pradesh

74. Who became the first  Chief Minister in Telangana?

a. Chandrababu Naidu

b. Jagan Mohon Reddy

c. YS Vijaymala

d. Chandrasekhar Rao

Ans- d. Chandrasekhar Rao

75. The ratio of the width of the National Flag to its length is –

a . 1: 2

b . 2: 1

c . 2 : 3

d. 3: 2

Ans- c . 2 : 3

76. Where is the ‘Leaning Tower’ located?

a. London

b. Cairo

c. Kabul

d. Pisa

Ans- d. Pisa

77. Which of the following pair is correctly matched?

  1. Arthashastra – Kautilya
  2. Mein Kampf – Abul Fazal
  3. Animal Farm – Babur
  4. Divine Comedy – Karl Marx

Ans- Arthashastra – Kautilya

78. Who has written the book “The Accidental Prime Minister”?

a. K Natwar Singh

b. Vinod Rai

c. Sanjaya Baru

d. Tavleen Singh

Ans- c. Sanjaya Baru

79. Who amongst the following was involved in the Alipore Bomb case?

a. S.N. Banerjee

b. Bipan Chandra Pal

c. Jatin Das

d. Aurobindo Ghosh

Ans- d. Aurobindo Ghosh

80. The title ‘Punjab Kesari’ was conferred upon?

a. Ranjit Singh

b. Bhagat Singh

c. Lala Lajpat Rai

d. Sardar Baldev Sings

Ans- c. Lala Lajpat Rai

81. Rajesh walked 25m towards the south. Then he turns to his left and walked 20m. He then turned to his left and walked 25m. He again yurned to his right and walked 15m. At what distance is he from the starting point and in which direction?

a .35m. east

b .35m. north

c .30m. west

d .45m. east

Ans- a .35m. east

82. A lent Rs. 600 to B for 2 years and Rs. 150 to C for 4 years and received Rs. 90 from both as interest, find out the rate of interest, simple interest being calculated.

a .5%

b .7%

c .8%

d .9%

Ans- a .5%

83. In a certain store, the profit is 320% of the cost, if the cost increases by 25% but the selling price remains constant, approximately what percentage of the selling price is the profit?

a .70%

b .80%

c .90%

d.None of the above

Ans- d. None of the above

 84. A sum of the Rs.468.75 was lent out simple interest and at the end of 1 year 8 months the total amount was Rs. 500. find the rate of interest per annum.

a .4%

b .5%

c .6%

d .7%

Ans- a .4%

85. Rs. 800 amounts to Rs.920 in three years at simple interest. If the interest rate increased by 3% to how much would it amount?

a.Rs. 892

b.Rs. 829

c. Rs.992

d. Rs.929

Ans- c. Rs.992

86. Amit said this “girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother”. How is Amit related to the girl?



c .Husband


Ans- d.Father-in-law

87. Pointing towards a man, a woman said, “His mother is the only daughter of my mother.” How is the woman related to the man?





Ans- a.Mother

88. In a codling system, PEN is written by NZO and BARK as CTSL. How can we write a PRANK?





Ans- b.NSTOL

89. If the TEACHER is coded an LMKJNMP, then How will HEART be coded?





Ans- d. NMKPL

90. Find the relationship as expressed in the given pair :

Calendar : Dates : : Dictionary : ?



c .words

d .book

Ans- a.Vocabulary  

91. Find the relationship as expressed in the given pair :

Circle: Circumference: : square:?





Ans- d.Perimeter

92. Find the relationship as expressed in the given pair :

Breeze: Cyclone: : Drizzle:?





Ans- d. Downpour

93. Find the relationship as  expressed in the given pair :

Import : Export  : : Expenditure : ?





Ans- b.Revenue

94. Find the missing number?

24, 60, 120, 210, ?

a .300

b .336

c .420

d .525

Ans- b .336

95. Find the Missing number :

3, 12, 27, 48, 75, 108. ?

a .147

b .162

c .183

d .192

Ans- a .147

96. Arrange the following words according to the dictionary arrangement :


2. Episode

3. Epigone

4. Epitome

a . 1, 2, 3, 4

b . 3, 2, 4, 1

c . 3, 2, 1, 4

d . 4, 2, 1, 3

Ans- c . 3, 2, 1, 4

97. Fresh grapes contain 80% water while dry grapes contain 10% water. If the weight of dry grapes is 250 kg, what is the total weight when it was fresh?

a .1000kg

b .1100kg

c .1125kg

d .1225kg

Ans- c .1125kg

98. A seller allows a discount of 5% on a watch. If he allows a discount of 7% he earns Rs.15 less in the profit. What is the market price?


b. Rs.712.5

c. Rs.750


Ans- c. Rs.750 

99. An Aeroplane covers a certain distance at a speed of 240 kmps in 5 hours. To cover the same distance in  hours, it must travel at a speed of :

a .300 kmph

b .360 kmph

c .600 kmph

d .720 kmph

Ans- d .720 kmph

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