1. You can activate a Cell by

  1. pressing the Tab key
  2. clicking the cell
  3. pressing an arrow key
  4. all of the above

2. What is the short cut key for the Spelling Check-in document?

  1. F7
  2. Shift+F7
  3. Ctrl+F7
  4. Alt+F7

3.word offers certain ways in which the user can move around in a document, what is/are they?

  1. By scrolling
  2. Directly to first and last page
  3. by moving to a specific page
  4. All of above

4. The recently deleted files are stored in

  1. Recycle bin
  2. Desktop
  3. Taskbar
  4. My computer

5.The device on a Computer system that lets you see the processed information is known as

  1. Input device  
  2. Storing device
  3. Memory device
  4. Output device

6. A fifth-generation computer is also known as

  1. Knowledge information processing system
  2. Very large scale integration (VLSI)
  3. Both of the above
  4. None of the above

7. Excel worksheet data can be shared with Word document by

  1. Inserting an Excel file into Word
  2. Link Excel data to Word document
  3. Copy and Paste Excel worksheet into Word document
  4. All of the above

8. Which command is used to close the excel Window?

A) Alt+F4

B) Ctrl +W

C) Ctrl +C

D) Ctrl +R

9. Which of the following is not a valid version of MS-Word?

A) office-95

B) Office-97

C) Office 99

D) Office -2000

10. Which shortcut key is used to close a PowerPoint slides?

A) Ctrl+X

B) Ctrl+O



1 1 .Which of the follow statements is valid?

A) 1KB=1024 bytes

B) 1MB=2048 bytes

C) 1MB=1000 Kilobytes

D) 1KB=1000 bytes

12. The man who built the First Mcchanlcal Calculator was

A) JosephMarie Jacquard

B) JohnMuuchly

C) Blaise Pascal

D) Harward Ailken

13. The CRT is_________ in shape.

A) Circular

B) Rectangular

C) Conical

D) Eclipse

14. What type of document is allowed to be created by MS Word by default?


B) WPl



15. Word’s Count feature-

A) provides information about the number of words in the document.

B) is useful when the length of the document is limited to some number of words.

C) displays the number of pages .character paragraphs and lines in the document.

D) all the above

16. What is the default Font used in MS Word 2007 document?

A) Times New Roman

B) Arial

C) Calibri

D) Preeti

17. Which the following shortcut key can be used for creating a chart from the selected cells?

A) F11

B) F10

C) F4

D) F2

18. Who designed the first electronic computer –ENIAC?

A) Van-Neumann

B)Joseph M Jacquard

C) Presper Eckert & John W Mauchiym

D) None of the above

19. FTP  means?

A) File Transfer Protocol

B) File Telnet Protocol

C) Fast Track Processing

D) Fine tuning programs

20. If the displayed system time and date are wrong you can reset it using

A) Write

B) Calendar

C) Write file

D) Control panel

21. Which of the following is applicable to MS Word?

A) Press Ctrl + I to italicize the selected text

B) Press CtrI+ B to hold the selected text

C) Press Ctrl+ U to underline the selected text

D) All of these

22. By default the Cell content alignment is-

A) Len aligned

B) Text left aligned and number right

C) Text right aligned and numbers left

D) Centrally aligned

23. When the formula but is activated, you can see the-

A) Edit Formula button

B) Enter button

C) Cancel button

D) All of the above

24. Parts of the CPU are:


B) ALU, Peripherals, Memory



25. Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation are known as?

A) Transitions

B) Effects

C) Custom animations

D) Annotations

26. Which of the following are valid Min. &Max, zoom sizes in MS-Office?

A) 10/1000

B) 10/100

C) 20/250

D) 10/500

27. Replace options available on-

A) File menu

B) Edit menu

C) View menu

D) Format menu

28. Which of the following is not a type of page margin?

A) Left

B) Right

C) Center

D) Top

29. Each excel file is called a Workbook because-

A) It can contain text and date

B) It can be modified

C) It can contain many sheets including worksheets and chart sheets

D) You have to work hard to create it

30. MICR stands for-

A) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

B) Magnetic Ink Computer Record

C) Magnetic Industries Corporation Region

D) Microphone Recording

31. The resolution of LASER Printer is specified in terms of-





32. Which of the following is not an operating system?


B) Linux

C) Windows

D) Oracle

33. The new selected Front applied to

A) full document

B) all the text above the current cursor position

C) the selected text

D) only In heading:

34. An excel worksheet can have maximum of____ number of columns

A) 256

B) 255


D) 253

35. On an excel sheet, the active cell is indicated by?

A) Adopted border

B) A blinking border

C) A dark wide border

D) By italic text

36. Which of the following sections does not exist in a slide layout?

A) Titles

B) Lists

C) Charts

D) Animations

37. Which of the following is not one of the PowerPoint views?

A) Slideshow view

B) Slide view

C) Presentation view

D) Outline View

38. Which of the following runs on computer hardware and serves as a platform for other systems

to run on?

A) Operating system

B) Application system

C) System software

D) All of the above

39. Using Microsoft Word’s Find and Replace feature you can

A) replace both text and Formatting

B) replace text only

C) replace formatting only

D) replace documents name only

40. Which command is used to calculate the total characters in a cell

A) Len

B) Length

C) Mid

D) Sid

41. The shortcut key to delete the selected column is-





42. Which of the following is a temporary Primary Memory?





43. Which of the following is not a language for computer programming?





44. Which of the following is used to see all the slides on one screen in Microsoft PowerPoint?

A)view, slide sorter

B) view, slide

C)view, master

D) view, slideshow

45. It is a mark, normally round or a square dot, it is called-

A) number

B) bullet

C) Indentation

D) both b and c

46. Ctrl + A option is used to-

A) Align Right

B) Select All

C) Change font

D) Save document

47. Which among the following is a symbol of division in Excel?


B) D

C) Div

D) \

48. The part of computer system containing the circuitry that does the adding subtracting,

multiplying, dividing and comparing is called:

A) Arithmetic and logical unit

B) Memory


D) Control

49. The bar at the top of the window that bears the name of the window is known as-

A) Control panel

B) Menu Bar

C) Status bar

D) Title bar

50. To put emphasis on any written content, what option can be used?

A) Standout

B) Stress

C) Highlight

D) Bold

51. Which of the following is handy to carry and can store large amounts of data?

A) Floppy Disk

B) Hard Disk


D) Zip Desk

52. Click at the beginning, press Which key and simultaneously click at the end of any portion of a text to select the same in Ms Word?

A) Shift

B) Ctrl

C) Alt

D) Any of the above.

53. In a document what is the maximum number of columns that can be inserted in MS Word Table?

A) 35

B) 15

C) 63

D) 65

54. If you press__, the Cell accepts your typing as its contents?

A) Tab

B) Ctrl+ Enter

C) Enter

D) Alt+ Enter

55. VGA means-

A) Video Graphics Array

B) Volatile Graphics Array

C) Visual Graphics Array

D) Video Graphics Adapter

56. WAN stands for-

A) Wap Area Network

B) Wide Area Network

C) Wide Array Net

D) Wireless Area Network

57. Which operation is not performed by a computer?

A) Inputting

b) Understanding

C) Processing

D) Controlling

58. To select a line, you have to-

A) position the arrow on the margin adjacent to the line and click the left mouse

button once.

B) position the arrow pointer in the selection bar adjacent to the line and click the mouse

button twice.

C) position the arrow pointer in the selection bar adjacent to the line and click the left mouse

button thrice.

D) Any of the above

59. what is the shortcut key for Find and Replace dialog box?

A) Ctrl + F

B) Ctrl +R

C) Ctrl + H

D) Ctrl + Shift +F

60. What is the shortcut key to edit selected cell?

A) F3

B) F8

C) F4

D) F2

61. The example of non-impact Printer is-

A) Laser-Dot matnx

B) lnk jet Laser

c) Inkjet Dot matrix

D) Dot-matrix

62. Analog computer works on the supply of

A) Continuous electrical pulses

B) Electrical pulses but not continuous

C) Magnetic Strength

D) None of the above

63. Which program is used in MS Word to check spelling?

A) Spell pro

B) Spell check

C) Check spell

D) None of these

64. Using Thesaurus

A) helps you to add precision and variety to your writing.

B) just like a primed thesaurus the Microsoft Word Thesaurus provides synonyms and at

Times antonyms.

C) provides a list of related words and different forms of the selected word

D) All the above

65. In Excel, the intersection of a row and column is called

A) Box

B) Cell

C) Grid

D) Table

66. What term describes explanatory text attached to a Cell?

A) Context

B) Callout

C) Comment

D) Dialog

67. Which key should be pressed to start a new paragraph in MSWord?

A) Down Cursor key

B) Enter key

C) Shift + Enter

D) Control+ Enter

68. What is the short cut key to open Font dialog box?

A) Ctrl + F

B) Ait + Ctrl + F

C) Ctrl + D

D) Ctrl+ Shift +D

69. The name box appears at the-

A) Left of the formula bar

B) Below the status bar

C) Right of the formula bar

D) Below the menu bar

70. Which of the following statement is/are true?

A) Cache Memories are bigger than RAM.

B) Cache Memories are smaller than RAM.

C) ROM is faster than RAM.

D) Information in ROM can be written by users.

71. The Software In a computer-

A) Enhances the capabilities of the hardware machine

B) Increase the speed of the central processing unit

C) Both of the above

D) None of above

72. Which of the following programs compresses large files into a smaller file?

A) win Zip

B) WinShrink

C) Win Style

D) None of above

73. On how many documents you can work simultaneously in MS Word?

A) One

B) Two

C) More than two

D) Any number

74. The formulas in Excel are made up of-

A) Arithmetical operators and functions

B) Only arithmetical functions

C) Only arithmetical operators

D) Only symbols

75. To insert three columns A and B, you would-

A) Select column A

B) Select A and B

C) Select B

D) All of above

76. The basic operations performed by a Computer are;

A) Arithmetic operations

B) Input & Output operations

C) Logical operations

D) All the above

77. The set of computer instructions or programs that enables the hardware to perform different tasks is called-

A) Software

B) Hardware

C) Utility

D) Both A and B

78. The date and time display on-

A) Taskbar

B) Status bar

C) System tray

D) Launchpad

79. The contents of a Clipboard remain the same until-

A) You copy other text

B) You cut other text

C) You shut down the computer

D) All the above

80. Ctrl+Pg. Up will take you to-

A) Previous sheet

B) Next sheet

C) Last Cell in the column

D) Fist Cell in the column

81. Which of the following is not a valid Zoom option in Excel?

A) 10

B) 100

C) 300

D) 500

82. A light-sensitive device that converts drawing, printed text other images into digital from is-

A) Keyboard

B) Plotter

C) Scanner


83. Powerpoint slides can have?

A) Title, text, graphs

B)Drawn objects, shapes

C) Clipart, drawn art, visual

D) All of the above

84. Which menu is used to open, close and PowerPoint Presentation?

A) Tool

B) Window

C) File

D) Both A and B

85. To select a full document, you have to-

A) position the arrow pointer in the selection bar adjacent to the line and click the left mouse

button once.

B) position the arrow pointer in the selection bar adjacent to the line and click on the left

mouse button thrice.

C) position the arrow pointer in the selection bar adjacent to the line and click the right mouse

button once.

D) position the arrow pointer in the selection bar adjacent to the line and click the right mouse button twice.

86. How many Chart types are available in Excel?

A) 12

B) 11

C) 18

D) 20

87. The purpose of Auto Sum is to-

A) total and arrange what we select.

B) locate and total the rows and columns in a range nearest to the current cell.

C) add grand totals to a range containing other totals.

D) all the above

88. Which would you choose to save a document with a new name?

A) Press Ctrl+S

B) Click File, Save

C) Click Tools,Options,Save

D) Click File, Save As

89. Which of the following statement is incorrect?

A) Headers are printed on the top of margins and footers are printed at the bottom of the


B) Headers and footers normally carry information like page number, author name, dates,

company names etc.

C) No Headers and Footers are required in a single page document.

D) Word will not allow having Header and Footer in a single page document.

90. Who invented the high-level language C?

A) Dennis M. Ritchie

B) Niklaus Writh

C) Seymour Papert

D) Donald kunth

91. Abbreviation www in www.yahoo.com, stands for?

A) World word in Wonder

B) World Wide Web

C) World Processing Software

D) wonderful world Web

92. CRT which stands for Cathode Ray Tube is a-

A) Hollow tube

B) Vacuum tube

C) Round tube

D) Long tube

93. When the user places the mouse after a few Pointer on any of the buttons and not click them, after few second a text appears at the bottom of the pointer. It is called

  1. Tool Tip Text
  2. Micro Tip.
  3. Help Tips
  4. Click tips

94. The Ctrl+ E command is used in PowerPoint to align the text

  1. Left
  2. center
  3. right
  4. all Of the above

95. Protection and the Protect Sheet options can be selected from





96. Legends are used in-

  1. Chart Wizard
  2. Function Wizard
  3. Auto Sum
  4. Validation

97. Which of the following can be recognized by the OCR with the help Of light source?




Used Ink

98. PowerPoint is a component of?

  1. Windows 7.
  2. Microsoft office
  3. All of the above
  4. None of these

99. What option is used to use a paragraph at another place without removing it from the first place?

  1. Rotate
  2. Copy-paste
  3. Delete
  4. Move

100. Which of the following statements about Margin is correct?

  1. All sections in a document need to have same margin,
  2. Different sections can have different margins.
  3. Word have predefined margins settings for all documents.
  4. Can’t say, depending on the version of Word.